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We Are Mom

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who had the world at her fingertips. She ran and jumped and played and believed she could do anything…even fly.

As she grew, the world would tell her otherwise: Don’t run too fast or you could fall! Don’t jump too high or you could get hurt! Don’t play too hard or you’ll get dirty! People can’t fly, so don’t even try!

Her beautiful, colorful world began to shrink, and she stopped jumping and running and playing and believing she could fly.

She grew up, because that’s what people do.
Later, she became a mother and held her baby in her arms. She had just tackled her greatest physical feat and was reminded of the fragility of life, and the power.

As her child grew, she remembered what it was like to run and jump and play. She fought the urge to say “Be careful!” or “Stop running!” and instead began to run and play again too.

She looked at all the mothers around her—doing their best, like her, sharing the common bonds of love and fear and worry and joy; all those universal truths they couldn’t deny—and she felt so thankful to be a part of this Tribe.

With all its ups and downs and confusion and battle wounds and beautiful stories and laughter and guilt and certainty and scars, she had become a mother who was once a little girl who was once a baby, who was once nothing but a concept inside her mother’s womb.

Finally, the genetic fabric of her world began to shift and twist and come into focus. She realized that her journey was not singular, because every step she took, a mother had taken before her, and everywhere she went, a mother had traveled too.

From every walk of life, from every corner of the earth, for as long as the world has existed, there is one universal truth, and we hope to share it here, with you:




Motherhood ain’t no joke.

Whether we’re exhausted, honored, annoyed, enraptured, uncertain, scared, joyful, full, empty, stressed, charged, proud, worried or a mix on any given day—never underestimate the power of moms coming together.

Motherhood is a beautiful thing.

Because together, we can move mountains (including mountains of laundry). We can lift each other up. We can lose our minds. We can laugh. We can make promises.

We can find inspiration instead of comparison.

We have voices here.

Our Pledge
Joy of Mom is a place to celebrate all areas of motherhood and to champion for each other—never against—whether we’re winning or losing or haven’t showered or slept. This is a place where promises mean something, where our DNA is comprised of breast milk and deadlines and multitasking and leaning in and leaning out and sometimes just being left alone.

Who We Are
Our moms do yoga (or at least think about the fact that we should probably want to do yoga), drink wine, love our kids, need a break from our kids, have good days, bad days, aren’t afraid to get real, aren’t afraid to get dirty, aren’t afraid to look crazy, eat cookies, eat salad, take care of other people, think occasionally about taking care of ourselves, scream loud, scream often, laugh loud, loud often, cry ALL THE TIME or not at all, want more time and never get it and really love being a mom (mostly).

The Bottom Line
As big and complex as our world is, there are some truths that withstand time and place. There is nothing quite as universal and yet as personal and intimate as motherhood. No matter where our journeys take us, we all converge on the single most important crossroad: being a mom.

This is our sacred. The part of life that will never be comprised.

We are storytellers, you and I. So let’s dig into what’s real about motherhood. Let’s tell the truth: the good, the bad and the indescribable.

We are women. We are mothers. What a beautiful thing.

And never forget what an amazing job you are doing.




Special shout-out to Valerie Baillargeon of Colibri Photo, an amazing and beautiful mom of two boys, for her beautiful photos featured in our manifesto.