What is Joy of Mom?

Welcome to Motherhood online. Better known as Joy of Mom. An intimate community of 2.3 million and growing. Empowering, navigating and supporting one another as we travel our most significant journey — motherhood. This special and unique tribe, was founded by Vicki Reece, a fierce, caring, not-taking-no-for-an-answer mother - passionately determined to connect, support and uplift moms around the world from all walks of life.

Joy of Mom is a constantly evolving lifestyle brand platform. Rooted in friendship, we tell our stories and share our truths. Everyday. And offer everything from inspiration to best of curated products, tools, tips, resources and information. Organically grown from an ethos and foundation of authenticity and trust, Joy of Mom is an experience that expresses life as it’s really lived, reflecting all aspects through conversations (on and offline), livestreams, videos, and events.

This mecca of Motherhood opens the doors for everyone who would like to have a voice or take an unfiltered peek and experience into how beautifully complex and interconnected we moms really are. 


Special shout-out to Valerie Baillargeon of Colibri Photo, an amazing and beautiful mom of two boys, for her beautiful photos featured in our manifesto.