Cleaning Must-Haves


Everyone who has tuned-into JOM knows I how much I love cleaning. It's actually one of my de-stressers. There's something calming, centering, even meditative about it. I remember hearing on an Oprah show many years back that we '…rise to the room…'  the less clutter and more intentional we are with our surroundings the more we feel a sense of ahhh…. when we walk into our home. That so resonated with me and felt I wasn't alone in my passion for cleaning. When I've chatted about this (in the past) with friends they either thought I was crazy or invited me to come over and clean and organize their home. But this was a real thing for me. The gratitude I felt and feel for being able to have a home to clean and even when my kitchen sink is filled with dishes after a long stressful day, I'm grateful that I have it to clean. So when Home Made Simple reached out to me to put their products to the test I was excited - but told them I'm as serious about my cleaning products as I am about my cleaning. Green, clean, plant-based products free of dyes and parabens (and other unhealthy ingredients) are super important to me. For years, I've been trying different products and, for a while, I was making my own since many either didn't work well or left a sticky, grimy feel. So here's the 411...

I simply love their:

  • Lavender Multi-purpose cleaner! It's literally leaves your countertops feeling squeaky clean without any stickiness or grimy residue. And I love the scent.

  • Fragrance Free Detergent. Added benefit — it's tough on stains that I couldn't previously get out! 

  • Lavender Dish Soap. It cleans fantastic and smells great.

And I love that all their products are safe to use. Clean, green, and made without phosphates, parabens or dyes. 

Thanks again Home Made Simple for asking me to put your products to the test. It's been a little over 2 weeks and I couldn't be happier with them! You can find Home Made Simple's products at Meijer Stores