Sleep Tips, Tools and Tidbits

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Sleep has been a very hot topic lately. Lack of a good nights sleep has been linked to weight gain, disease, aging, and many more. Whether your a new mom or #teamnosleep (if you are #teamnosleep, please switch teams), getting a restful night can be a seemingly impossible challenge.

A good nights sleep begins the moment you wake up. From getting exercise, sunlight, and curbing your caffeine intake (sorry), here are a few sleep tips to get you started:

  • Set a caffeine curfew approximately 8 hours before bed

  • Get plenty of sunlight during the day

  • Move and exercise!

  • Avoid screens before bed

  • Avoid alcohol before bed

  • Relax by meditating or doing light stretching

  • Supplement with chamomile tea rather than pills

  • Sleep in a cool and dark environment

One thing that’s been getting a lot of buzz lately is the quality of our mattress. Not from a standpoint of how soft or how cozy, but how healthy? When your brand new cozy mattress says on the box to let it “air out” for 48 hours, those smells don’t come from the flowers the manufacturer says it was made with.

We are always looking out for our tribe and only want to share our favorite things. We know that good quality and healthy mattresses can be pricey, so we asked our friends at Harvest Green if they can give you all a discounted rate, along with a 100 night sleep trial. If you’re interested, go to Harvest Green and use the code JOM for $100 dollars off (good through the end of July). Sleep tight!!

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