Um, Om & Namaste


Don’t hate me, but I’m that mom.

I’m the one who has done the same yoga-Tai-Chi-Pilates class for 15 years, but I’m usually getting there just a bit late (dashing in from work!). I know that really stinks and please don’t judge me. I’m the one who quietly slips in the back of the room, tries not to disturb anyone, quickly folds into her mat and gets right into the “om.” I do this without allowing a few minutes prior to class to unwind from the day.

That’s why my “om” is sometimes a “um.” As in “Um, did I check that last e-mail before I ran into class?” And “um, I hope I remembered to leave Bob a note that dinner will be late tonight.” Or “um, should I even really be here. I have a million things to do.”

I’ll admit that it’s hard for me, like maybe it is for you, to suddenly get into unwind mode. As busy moms, our minds are like engines revving at 150 miles at all times. Did the homework get done? Is it time to pick up after soccer? Was that the start of a cold? Do we have poster board in the house and glitter? Did I remember to buy lunch meat? Did I eat lunch today or only chocolate?

In my case, my busy day includes working on this site so by the time I hit my mat in class, I can’t just get in the relaxing zone like someone turned a switch and set my life on calm. But I know it’s important for me as a mother and a person to breathe and feel balanced.

Would my “um” ever become a true “om?”

Then a funny thing happened to me the other day. I was actually five minutes EARLY for class. No, it wasn’t some strange eclipse of time, but I was running early and planning to really decompress on my mat prior to class when I found out that my class was actually over. I was so busy that I missed the notice saying that my favorite class had actually moved an hour early, so instead of five minutes early I was actually really late.

As my heart sunk, I knew that I needed that “me time,” so I signed up for the class that actually started in five minutes which was Soft Yoga. In other words, I would be stretching and relaxing for the next hour. Was this even legal?

Obviously, part of me didn’t think so, which is why a Plan B entered my mind. No, I would jump on a treadmill and read e-mails. But I didn’t go for Plan B. I stayed on my mat.

The class was refreshing, rejuvenating and absolutely required in my daily life of being so plugged in. In fact, I always wanted to try the class, but thought it wasn’t for me because my mind was too busy.

An hour later, I felt as if there was a switch on my body that was turned down. I was moving slower, breathing deeper and thinking in a way that could only be described as calmer. A few minutes later in the car, I didn’t immediately check my emails or make a phone call.

I sat there and decided to just breathe.
In and out.


Written by - Vicki Reece